I’ve always loved to be creative. I’ve always loved to write. Music is and always will be my number one, but why stick to one thing?
I’m enjoying writing this blog and just honestly typing out exactly what I’m thinking, exactly what’s going on. So I was thinking, and I’m going to write a book. A half fictional half personal story which I’ve already got planned out. I used to write a lot of random stuff when I was younger and then I guess took that and turned it into musical creativity instead. But writing this blog has given me new inspiration, so I’m going to go for it!

A few months ago I started writing a film script, which I only wrote a few scenes and then left it for a while. I may revisit that as well, and push myself writing wise to see what i can do.
In the words of Miranda Lambert “I guess if you don’t jump you’ll never know if you can fly”. Very well said 🙂



This blog kind of follows on from the last one, though it was a while ago. The reason that one was a while ago and this one has only just come to mind is because that’s how long I think it’s taken me to re-find myself again.

In the ‘losing yourself’ blog I wrote about how something bad had happened and I felt like I was losing myself in that way, but then how I also found losing myself in music helped a lot that week, and by the end of the week things were looking up. However I still didn’t have an answer to this situation that had happened, and guess what…I still don’t. I’m not going to mention names and what not, that wouldn’t be fair. But basically it was a ‘who dun it?’ situation and the truth never came out. I was praying things would work out ok, but they didn’t really go as I hoped. I realise that friends come and go, and it was hard to see the good side of it, but now I see how it might work out better in the long run.

I’d just started to move on from this, when the band broke up. Ok, I did both my first and last gig with them on the same night, not a lot, but it seemed so weird how I came to be in it, that I thought it was really going somewhere. So that was a shame, but I thought about it, and the past few months in it. And it does make sense why it happened. My confidence has grown immensely, I’ve learnt a lot, and I’m currently (finally) recording my own songs acoustically to give to the guys at the studio and see what they think. So again….in the long run it may work out.

Somehow these 2 things go hand in hand. My friend also went through friends failing around the same time, and so we stuck together and discovered we’re a good musical team. So far we’ve wrote one song for the church band, and everyone who’s heard it likes it. We’re pretty proud of it so I think we’re definately going to write more!
I also had a good friend come up to stay this weekend, who I’ve not seen in a while. It was awesome to just hang out and catch up. Some very funny moments 🙂

So in truth, I think right now I’m happier. I feel more like I know who I am again, and what I need to be doing. And it made me see how just because things don’t go the way you want sometimes, it’s all part of a bigger plan that will inevitably work out how it’s meant to.

That’s me done for today. 🙂 x

So there’s a lot going on in my mind right now and I had to write it somewhere.
This past week has been crazy. It’s been hectic and stressful, both good and bad. Alot has been realised and accomplished, and I’m looking at some things a little differently. I wanted to share this…

This time last weekend things weren’t looking so good for the week. I’m not gonna say why, but after a somewhat upsetting weekend I had to get up at 5:30am for work monday morning to go do a job I didn’t really want to do. You know the feeling when your mind is constantly on one bad or worrying thing, mine was like that. I literally just walked around for 5 hours in a daze not really speaking to anyone, my mind just going over the same thing over and over again. It’s been doing that all week and I’m still no nearer to a conclusion.

So Monday night I had a show, with the band from Uni. For those 20 minutes on stage, I allowed my mind to be lost in the music and it worked. Everything bad that had happened disappeared and instead my head was filled with notes and melodies…and some loud drums haha.

Last night was show number 2, with band number 2. The first gig with the new band, Outrage. The show was at the Club Academy in Manchester. A memorial concert for a girl that the guys at the studio knew, named Anja, who unfortunately lost her life to cancer last year. There were 6 bands on, some I knew, a couple I didn’t, and all the proceeds went to the hospital. It was a sold out show with 500+ people there.

To me it was a huge show. It may sound cheesy but it was literally my chance to prove myself to the band and make the parents proud. Before going on stage nerves found me as they usually do, but then 20 seconds into the first song they disappeared as they normally do as well.
And as I did on Monday, I stopped thinking about this thing that has really been bothering me, and lost myself in the music and the atmosphere. Standing on stage and all you can see infront of you is rows and rows of heads, no gaps anywhere, is an overwhelming feeling. It’s scary….but it’s the best feeling in the world to me right now, and it’s the place where I most feel at home and feel like me. It’s the first time I felt like myself all week.

After realising this, Anja’s dad came onto the stage. He was nearly brought to tears by event, by the support and love everyone has given. His speech nearly reduced me to tears and this is what I also realised then; life is short. Unfortunately it’s a lot shorter for some than others. All week I’ve been worrying about things that haven’t happened yet, when really I should stop and just take things as they come. Doing what I love with the people I love is what is important now. I wouldn’t say what’s been on my mind is insignificant, no way, but I can’t do much more about it, so all I can do is hope it works out for the best, and take it as it comes.

So if you ever feel like this, like there’s too much going on and you’re worrying over things you have no control over like me, then instead of losing yourself in that way, maybe try losing yourself in something you love. Like music, art, sports, whatever it might be. It’s probably much healthier than worrying 🙂

I wanted to share this just because it seems a bit clearer when you write things down rather than just thinking about it.
So thanks for reading.
God Bless Anja and her family. I’m glad that we could all make the show an amazing one for her! xx



First off thanks for visiting my blog. You can probably tell I’m a newbie to the blogging experience. The other day I was writing in my journal and had a thought that it would be cool to make an online blog, for a few reasons. So here I am 🙂

Please feel free to leave comments and such, once I figure it all out and get it up and running.

Thanks, Emma xx